Many women I work with profess that they have a closet full of black and I have to (gently) break it many of them that black is not one of their best colors. Sure, black does go with everything, but black can also be very draining. Black can be a powerful, serious color, but it doesn’t exactly fill you with exhilaration or make you happy. Bold colors, on the other hand, can make you feel hopeful, happy and excited.

Aside from how colors can make you feel, I want you to think about how they make you look. Wearing the right colors can help you stand out from the crowd and get you noticed. Have you ever put on a top in the perfect shade for you and just felt like, WOW? It really can color how you see yourself, and how your whole day goes, so I encourage you to experiment with color and find those colors that make you pop!

Here are a few tips for incorporating color into your wardrobe, and for making the most of your own personal coloring:

1/ Wear your eye color

One of the best colors for you is always your eye color (called your ‘eye enhancer’). It brings subtle attention to your eyes and will get you tons of compliments, especially if your eyes are blue or green.

2/ Wear your hair color

If you have highlights then choose one or several of the colors in your hair to repeat in your clothing. It’s very personalizing and helps you to create a look that’s all you. Wearing a jacket in your haircolor that has a metallic or pearlized finish is an amazing way to boost your style quotient.

3/ Turquoise, Teal and Blue-green, oh my!

Do you realize how flattering bue-greens are to all skintones? From the palest white to the deepest ebony, try a turquoise, teal or other blue-green and see how gorgeous it can make your skin look! Find the blue-green shade that works best for you, whether light or dark, and stock up!

4/ The Power of Brights

Brights can put the wow in your wardrobe and take your core, best basic colors to new heights! Ensure you have the right shade for your coloring, as well as your personality, and temper your brights to suit your personal intensity.

• If you have dark hair, choose bolder shades such as jewel tones.

• If your hair is lighter, choose less-intense, medium shades.

5/ Accessories

Whether you’re dressed head to toe in black or you opt for a nice balance of neutrals and brights, add in some colorful accessories for the finishing touch. A scarf, a necklace or earrings can be a great way to bring color to your face and lighten up a dark look. Shoes or a handbag in a vibrant hue can add a touch of whimsy and lighten up a serious look.

If you’re not used to wearing color, start out slowly. Once you find a few shades that are really ‘you’, you won’t look back! While determining your best colors may be a scientific process, wearing color with confidence doesn’t have to be rocket science.