Having great style has nothing to do with your age, your size or your weight. Instead, it comes from knowing what’s right for you, wherever you are in your journey!

All women can have great style, and can dress to look like a million bucks. But knowing how to put an outfit together that flatters your figure and helps you to stand out for all the right reasons can take your confidence and your credibility to new heights. When we look great, we feel great – and when we feel great, anything is possible!

Here are my best tips for dressing to impress, if only for yourself:


1 The Power of Color

One of the first things people will notice about you is the colors you are wearing. Color has the power to affect your mood, make you look great, make you look tired or make you stand out. Wearing a color that makes you look great is a surefire way to attract people to you. But knowing what color to wear isn’t always easy. Many women are hit or miss when they choose colors and often choose incorrectly, resulting in wearing a color that can make them look old, tired or ill.

A few easy ways to discover some of your best colors are to look at yourself with a close eye. Your haircolor, eyecolor and skintone are all colors that, when you repeat them in your clothing, will help you to look gorgeous!

2 Body Beautiful

Dressing for your own body type may sound like a no-brainer, but often times we elude ourselves and dress for the body we had 10 years ago, 20 years ago, pre-baby or the body we wish we had. Ladies, as hard as it may be one of my BEST pieces of advice for you is to take a good, hard look at the body you have right now. Love your every curve and embrace those new squishy areas that you didn’t realize you had. They are part of you and once you can come to terms with them, and dress them for who they are, you’ll look amazing, no matter what your size.

3 Face Time

Your face does more than just take a great selfie; did you know that your face shape determines the best necklines for you, the best jewelry, hairstyle, glasses, prints – even shoes? Understanding your face shape can unlock the key to many design elements in your wardrobe. I always wondered why I felt ‘dorky’ when I wore round toe shoes and had a big ‘a-ha’ moment when I learned that it was because I have an angular face shape(go figure). So now that I know, I choose to wear pointy toes because they make me feel more like me. Once you understand your face shape you’ll understand your ‘inside line’ and it will be easy to choose:


Your best necklines
The right prints for you
Your best glasses
The right shoes for you
Jewelry to enhance your features

Many women leave these decisions to random selection and end up with a hodge podge of lines that are too distracting to be flattering or create harmony. When you know what to look for it saves a lot of trial and error, but just that information doesn’t guarantee that you’re dressing right for you. It needs to come into play with other elements to create a style that’s uniquely you.


4 Tip the Scales

Your personal scale helps you to wear things that are proportionate to you. It determines how big your handbags should be, what size and how much jewelry works for you, how wide your belts are, how visually heavy or light your clothing should be, etc. Many women don’t understand how scale comes into play and handbags are a great example of this. When you carry a handbag that is too big for you, it makes you look smaller. Conversely, when you carry a handbag that’s too small, it can make you look bigger (who wants that, right?)

To make it easy, I’ve broken scale down into 4 categories. Which one do you relate to?

Goddess – you’re large in body and in spirit; dress yourself accordingly
Rock Star – Not quite as big as a goddess, a rockstar has a strong presence and can get away with an armful of bangles and big, bold touches. In fact, she needs these or her accessories will get lost on her
Glamour Girl – your scale is not too big and not too small, but just right
Dainty Diva – petite by nature, your best look is understated and on the smaller scale

5 Your Style ID

Every woman is born with her very own authentic personal style that is unique to her, much like her fingerprint. Yet not all women are in touch with what their style actually is. I hear women often say they don’t have a style. In fact, they do, they just haven’t discovered it.

Knowing yourself and what’s really ‘you’ goes a long way in helping you to create an outfit that’s going to have you feeling more like yourself. Have you ever walked out the door wondering if you look like a fool in your new outfit? Chances are it’s because it wasn’t really you. Discover your true style and then you can dress like you mean it, every single day!


Dressing to impress isn’t about caring what others think; instead, it’s about discovering who you are and expressing it from the inside out. When you take into consideration your elements of style, you create a look that nails it every.single.time. And that, my dear, is pure magic!

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